Welcome to my Blog.

I’m Rebecca, 29 and a mum of 3 fantastic children.  I work full time as a Personal Assistant/Admin Manager as well as run my own Wedding Stationery business. In my spare time i like to hang out with my family and children, watch movies, listen to music, my fave Singer is P!NK and support the Invisible Children organsation as well as many other things.

In 2006 i was diagnosed with a “multi nodular goitre/tumor” but at that time i was pregnant with my daughter so could not have anything done about it at that time. Throughout the next 2 years the goitre/tumor grew at such a rate it started to choke me and had caused serious complications with my throat and voice.  My dr told me without surgery i had until around April 2009 to live.  At night when i was sleeping, i would wake up in a fit trying to breath, because my head had slipped sideways whilst asleep the tumor had cut off my airways. It was now a struggle to turn my head left or right completely without struggling for breath, and apart from the fact i sounded horrible, i was devastated, life really sucked and i didnt want to be a part of it. Mentally i was struggling to come to terms with having my throat sliced open (even though by a dr its not a nice thought), just a few cm’s from my jugular. OUCH it was scary but there wasnt any alternative, surgery had to be done if i wanted to live.  It was then i fell apart, depression had struck, life was miserable, i was slowly choking to death but finally i had been given my date of surgery, November 5th, 2008.

So on November 5th, 2008 i had my tumor removed.  Since then i vowed to change my life, my depression had got the better of me, but i knew deep inside, that i was not as bad off as i thought, there were people out there that had it worse than i did. I knew what i had to do and i knew exactly where i wanted to start – Invisible Children.  A Not for Profit Organisation started in America by 3 young men, who went to Africa to find a story and found the Longest Running War in Africa – Northern Uganda’s LRA War.

This was it, this was my calling, to help the Invisible Children, not only of Uganda but of all Countries.  So as a starting point i logged on to the I.C Website, got the DVD “the Rough Cut” and from there on my life has never been the same. The passion, the determination and strength of those involved in I.C is truley admirable.  They may not be celebrity’s but in my life they are Hero’s.  In 2009 Invisible Children extended their reach by sending their “roadies” downunder for “the rescue” event in April.  YAY this was my chance to do something in my own beautiful land of Aus to help those who are to us, invisible.

Next Blog:

Invisible Children In Australia & NZ  for The Rescue Event. My story of “the Rescue” event on April, 25th as well as pictures and information.

Thanks for reading my blog and hope you can check out some more!


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