After putting my 3 little ones to bed last night i decided to sit down and watch the Documentary – Uganda Rising.

In my title i called it a shockumentary – what i learnt last night was quite shocking and to me, kinda made me feel a little ashamed. i hear your minds wondering why i would feel ashamed – well to explain that, ill need to go back in history, back to when africa was the “tribal” nation. Actually instead of me putting words here for you to read, maybe ill put in the short clip from Uganda Rising, that explains it much better than i ever could. Please watch below a 10 min clip – The Scramble for Africa.


I feel ashamed because im of European decent. From what ive learnt, watched and researched, the problems facing Uganda and other african nations, dates back to the colonization of africa when european nations took hold of africa in what is called the “Scramble for Africa”. I kind of felt like white man started the road to decline in africa and then bailed out. The worlds ignorance of africa is just mindblowing, i as a 29 yr old woman and mother of 3 children cannot fathom how people can know this goes on in the world and not want or even feel compelled to do something about it.

Other people always say to me, but what can i do? The most important thing you can do is Donate to Charity. Find something your passionate about and research it. Watch the Invisible Children Documentary “the Rescue” online for free, see pictures of other invisible children supporters and missions/events. Youtube has a comprehensive collection of video’s you can watch as well as the actual organisations website, or why not even sign up to the Change website, a secure interactive site where you can support all your charity’s in one spot and raise awareness from the chair your in, sign petitions and even start your own fundraiser!

I see myself as an armchair activist. I work full time, have 3 wonderful children and a family so i don’t have the many hours to spend out on the streets to talk things up or out giving speeches etc. I do give a few speeches when i can, the latest being June 9th, ill be giving a speech to the Blacktown Lions Club with Christina Vandenhengel from Invisible Children. I do most of my work from right here in my chair. I Blog away to my hearts content, run a website called Free Uganda, i run a newsletter to keep people updated with invisible children, i wear all my invisible children shirts and bracelets when i’m out and about, as they are interesting conversational pieces and i can talk forever about this, the longest running war in africa.

When i’m out and about talking it up about invisible children i hear people say, “but africa has always had civil wars”. Africa has always had civil wars, caused by the colonisation of africa, the stripping away of their cultures by white mans ideals and greed. Alot of people have no idea why these wars are going on, but because they are in africa its supposed to be ok? Again i ask, is one african life not worth the same as one westerner’s life? to me that answer is very simple. YES

The Acholi people of Northern Uganda live in such hopeless conditions that life to them has no meaning, men can no longer work as there is no land for them to work, food has to be provided by the world food program as they are unable to harvest enough food due to the lack of land available to them. The children see suffering, disease and death on a daily basis. Just recently (June 3, 2009) the Word Food Program has cut its delivery to more than 740,000 people of Northern Uganda as they simply cannot afford to feed the masses of people that require food. These people have faced the harshest of times for the last 2 decades and now they are in dire need of assistance.

I urge each and every person reading this blog to make the change, take the step to ending the longest running war in africa. Even a small donation can go along way. the way i put it to other is:
$5 here can buy you a Maccas Meal – $5 there can help a family eat for nearly a week – The difference is massive!

Donate to Invisible Children

Sponsor a Child through Joy for Children Organization

Donate to the Food Crisis in Uganda

I Currently Sponsor 2 children through Compassion Australia – One in Uganda and another in Colombia – I feel blessed i’m able to help those who cannot help themselves. Are you blessed today?

Miss B

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  2. cashowal says:

    I commend you on your efforts to help those in Uganda, especially I enjoyed reading this post because I know other people will see it and hopefully will become motivated to help those struggling under the oppression of the LRA.

    I also wrote about this in my blog and I hope many people become aware of this cause with all that is in the news today–this is an issue worthy of attention.

    • icsupporter says:

      Thanks for your comment. Ive been so busy lately doing some activists activities i have not had time to do another blog but will be again in the next few days as so much is going on we need to report about.

      Thank you for your comments i’m inspired to write from the heart about this subject as i am completely overwhelmed by the worlds ignorance of Africa and the atrocities that these individuals have faced and still to this day face.

      It is an issue worth so much more attention that what it has been getting. its very sad to see. thanks again for your kind comment. 🙂

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