Somalia – DADAAB, Kenya – “Is it too late?” a medic asked while pressing little Anfac’s bony chest. Fluid dribbled from the toddler’s mouth as the team worked frantically to save her. Tension filled the small room at Medecins Sans Frontieres'(MSF) only clinic in Kenya’s Dadaab camp – the world’s biggest refugee camp. Locals dub it the “Death Camp” for more information visit our news page

Northern Uganda:  GULU, 12 June 2009 (IRIN) – The Ugandan army says it has detained 11 people over alleged rebel activity in the north of the country. Uganda army and defence spokesman Maj Felix Kulayigye said the 11 were coordinators of a new rebel group. He said five had been arrested in Gulu and Pader districts of the Acholi sub-region, which was the epicentre of the conflict pitting government forces against the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) from the late 1980s well into this century, and that weapons and communications equipment had been unearthed in Pader. Ulayigye said six others were detained in Rhino camp in Masindi District, western Uganda, with guns and solar panels. The Gulu resident district commissioner, retired Col Walter Ochora,said those detained include former senior LRA fighters who had surrendered in 2007 and joined the regular army or who had been granted amnesty. Treason charge According to Kulayigye, the six held in Masindi would be charged with treason. “We have taken the files of those we arrested in Gulu and Pader to the director of public prosecution for advice. They are also preferably going to be charged with treason,” he said. Asked what the name of this new rebel group is, Kulayigye said: “They are still in initial stages. They are still proposing the name of their rebel group,” he said. “We are aware of some politicians in Gulu and those in the diaspora who are behind these new rebel activities in northern Uganda. They feel discredited by the LRA,” Kulayigye said.For more information visit our

GULU, 15 June 2009 (IRIN)- Lilly Atong, 26, was first abducted by Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA)rebels from Amuru district in northern Uganda in 1991 when she was 10 years old. She was made a “wife” of the LRA leader Joseph Kony but escaped in 2005. However, during the Juba peace talks in 2006 she met Kony to persuade him to release other women and children, only to beheld captive again in Garamba National Park, where the rebels werehiding. She managed to escape a second time and is now living in a rehabilitation centre in the northern Ugandan town of Gulu. Visit our News Page for more information

Worldwide: June 20 is World Refugee Day – Visit The UN Refugee Website for more information about local and international events

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