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So i have so many people ask me how i do so much that i do, with working and kids, im pretty lucky to be able to absorb information at a good rate and to use my “technological Skills” to raise awareness from yep you guessed it my chair.

I find alot of people dont donate to organisations because there are just sooo many out there that they dont know where to start so i’ve thought id help yous all out and give you some information on great websites where you can support non profits and get to meet some fantastic people who support similar causes and who can open your eyes to other issues our world is currently facing.

So to start a few great websites:

Change – is a great place to start. here you can become a member, and support a whole heap of non profits and causes, interact with members, sign petitions and take pledges to help others.

Social Vibe – – Get a sponsor – get a cause and your ready to raise awareness!  Major businesses such as “colgate” sponsor individuals, and for what you do on their websites, rate movies, watch clips, read things, play games etc your sponsor donates to your cause – add to facebook eg: Colgate Kisses and for each spin of the wheel colgate will donate to invisible children. CHECK OUT Colgate Kisses Here

Care2 – through this website you can support a whole range of causes and organisations. very similar to change yet a little more indepth, more for those with a little extra time on their hands.

Kiva – – A great way to support an individual in need. Through a Non Profit on the ground, individuals are reffered to kiva to request a loan. members donate funds to these individuals to support their loan. the loans are repaid over a period of time as specified on their webpage. Please read the terms as funds are not garunteed by kiva.

Free Uganda – – my website that i update every few days with news from uganda and africa as well as video’s and clips and much more.

For more information or if you have any questions, please direct them through the FREE UGANDA website

Current News from Uganda as reported by New Vision News in Uganda.

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