Hi Everyone. I am seeking sponsors to help me do a Volunteer Trip to Uganda.
During my time in Uganda i will be visiting Displacement Camps in Northern Uganda as well as spending some volunteer time in the Invisible Children office in Gulu. Northern Uganda has been rocked by a raging war over the last 23 years by the Lords Resistance Army and peace is only now starting to return to Northern Uganda. These people have been in displacement camps since approx 1996 and require help, councelling, food and much more to re-start their lives in their old villages.  the Lords Resistance Army (LRA) is still currently committing atrocities in DR Congo, Southern Sudan and the Central African Republic. Latest Information at:  (“Invisible war victims” in the north require urgent attention – officials)

I am hoping to travel in 2010/2011
I am currently a volunteer for Invisible Children Australia and sponsor a child in Uganda as well. I am aiming to spend 6 weeks in Uganda doing volunteer work and expanding my knowledge on the area and affected persons so that i can continue to commit myself to the Invisible children cause as Company Secretary for IC AUS – All Australian positions are volunteer only and we are not employed by Invisible Children or receive any monetary goods or cash for our actions.
As a mother of 3 children myself i am currently unable to cover all the costs associated with getting the tickets and travel arrangements covered. I have been a volunteer my whole life with my parents through Lions Club International but have found my own calling in invisible children.
I will be documenting my journey through Uganda through video and pictures. I have created the website http://www.freeuganda.webs.com and currently run this as well as the twitter page @freeuganda and a blog https://invisiblechildrensupporter.wordpress.com
CLICK HERE to donate or to check out my donations page with Pledgie.com

Each sponsorship amount is greatly appreciated and i urge you all to join up to www.freeuganda.webs.com to check out what is going on in Uganda and the status of your sponsorship.

IMG_8817-copy ic2 IMG_0006_1

Pictures supplied by: Invisible Children and Photobucket

Video by: Invisible Children

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