So over the weekend i had my sons 9th Birthday party and my 2 yr old Daughter was quite sick so have been spending my time with my children this weekend. Was nice to have some quality time at the animal park with the kids, to watch them play and ask questions about the animals and birds, they are such awesome lil things. it really makes me wonder how and why children in other parts of the world are looked at like commodities or objects.

I just cannot express how much it deeply confuses me in this day and age why we have so much suffering, so much poverty and so much intolerance. I just dont understand, maybe ive too much compassion, maybe ive too much empathy. I just cannot sit by knowing that each day every 3.6 seconds (approx) a child is dying due to hunger. the number of the worlds hungry has peaked at over 1 BILLION, yep that is correct, 1 BILLION. How on earth in 2009 can we honestly say that 1 Billion people do not have access to food. I Urge you all to check out the World Food Programmes A billion for A billion campaign – Think about this:

For US$ 5 you can nourish a baby for 1 year
For US$50 you can feed a child in school for 1 year
For US$170 you feed a hungry person for 1 year


Now that is not alot of money is it? Considering half of those in the Western World cannot live with under $20,000 a year, its a small price to pay for helping those in need.

If your not so comfortable donating, why not look at sponsoring a child. Compassion Australia are a fantastic organisation worldwide that sponsor children. i currently sponsor 2 children through compassion and pen pal another 2 who already have financial benefactors who cannot write. This brings me much personal satisfaction and spiritual satisfaction. to get letters and pictures from the children makes me so happy, i see they are happy in those pictures and letters. i know they are being looked after and their lives actually have meaning. I know they are well feed at the compassion centres, in a time of need they will open the doors to other members of the family if need be. They create vege gardens for the parents and families of the compassion assisted children, they are a wonderful organisation who i have much time for.

Jose – Colombia Winifred – Uganda
My Sponsor Children
Arn’t they such beautiful little souls!!

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