Whaling fleet’s ‘spy flights’ flew out of Australia – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

Posted: January 5, 2010 in Whaling
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The Yushin Maru hauls in a captured whale

Planes tracked protesters: The Yushin Maru hauls in a captured whale (www.customs.gov.au)

The captain of an anti-whaling protest ship has backed reports that Japanese whalers have been chartering Australian planes to track the ship’s movements in the Southern Ocean.

Fairfax newspapers are reporting that a public relations company linked to Japan’s Institute of Cetacean Research chartered planes in Hobart and Albany to track the Sea Shepherd’s ship, the Steve Irwin, in December.

The Steve Irwin’s captain, Paul Watson, says he believes those on board the plane reported his ship’s position to a Japanese whale chasing boat.

“We did notice the plane in December; we thought it was an Australian Government plane so we didn’t take very much notice of it,” he said.

“But then six hours later the Japanese vessel Shonan Maru showed up and got on our tail and we couldn’t shake them for three weeks.”

Federal Opposition environment spokesman Greg Hunt says the Government should investigate the flights and put a stop to them.

“What we have here is spy flights, which are helping to breach international law, being conducted from Australian airports under the guise and under the nose of the Australian Government,” he said.

Read the full report via Whaling fleet’s ‘spy flights’ flew out of Australia – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation).

“Since becoming an activist, i have been heavily supportive of the Sea Shepherd Organization. what they are doing on the Front line to save the whales is nothing short of amazing. How on earth can anyone want to eat whale meat? ok it may taste yummy (as they reckon) but it just cant be justified. We DO NOT need to eat whale meat, nor do we need their oil for beauty or health products. We have advancements with technologies these days that can make synthetic strains and oils…replicate it and leave the whales alone. ” Rebecca Fowler

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