Compassion Australia – Haiti Earthquake Fund

Posted: January 17, 2010 in Children, Emergencies, poverty
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Compassion Australia has launched an urgent appeal for the children of Haiti after the recent devastating earthquake. Compassion has more than 64,000 children supported in the country, including more than 4,600 sponsored by Australians.


The organisation has committed 100 per cent of funds raised through the Haiti Earthquake Disaster Appeal to the people of Haiti. Compassion is not withholding ANY funds for administration purposes.

Compassion CEO Paul O’Rourke said the 7.0 magnitude earthquake that devastated the country of Haiti this morning was cause for grave concern for the thousands of Compassion assisted children in the region.

He said the organisation had already mobilised an emergency response team from Miami that will fly to the Dominican Republic and bus into the capital of Port-au-Prince, as the airport has been closed.

via Compassion Australia.

  1. Geoffrey Cohen says:

    I was geven a copy of an e-mail from Alison Thompson [The recipient of the Order of Austra;ia] and was deeply moved by the situation in Haiti,especilly the amputation of the childs leg with out pain killers.
    I felt there must be somthing I can do, and must do.
    As a place to start, I am talking to some people about raiseing money.
    I, we, what the procedes to go straight to where it is most needed and not get tied up in addnistation.
    Geoffrey Cohen

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