Museveni launches campaign to improve household income

Posted: January 18, 2010 in Journals, uganda
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This is an excerpt from a news paper clip regarding Uganda and their President Museveni and my opinion to the comment in bold of his.

President Museveni has started a campaign to improve household income among rural farmers to enhance the fight against poverty. The President, who visited farmers in Mukono and rewarded them for their achievements in implementing National Agriculture Advisory (Naads) programmes, pledged his commitment to fight poverty at household level.

Many people speak about development but they do not understand it because they keep on referring development to tarmac roads, electricity and schools but to me, I consider household income. If we achieve this, our road to development is done,” Mr Museveni said.

via Daily Monitor: Truth Everyday; Uganda News, Business, Travel, Sports, Elections  – Museveni launches campaign to improve household income.

What on earth is this guy thinking? “They keep on referring to development to tarmac roads, electricity and schools..” umm, HELLO!!  That is exactly WHAT development is! What is the point in having a higher “household” income when the  schools in the community lack basic items, the houses lack access to electricity, people cannot farm because of drought and lack of water, El Nino is affecting the weather and poverty and hunger are rife,  oh and also, you tell me Mr Museveni how are you going to Raise the “household income” for those rural farmers in times such as today’s droughts, in floods and the El Nino effect that has been happening in Rural and Sub-Saharan Africa (including your own Uganda). The last line of the news report says “Mukono District Chairman Francis Lukooya Mukoome asked the government to include provision of fertilisers under the Naads programme to help farmers realise their targets, saying the soils were no longer fertile.” again i ask the question how??

Instead of Mr Museveni telling his people what they need, maybe for once he needs to actually listen to his citizens! Oh, wait i forgot, this is just another Rebel leader who over threw yet another Rebel leader in a long history of Military Coup’s and rebel leaders!

What the Ugandan’s need is a President who is willing to listen to it’s people and then make decisions, not tell them what they need, how would he know when he lives his life of luxury in Kampala and they are living in poverty and suffering conditions in their counties and communities. Has he forgotten about what he was responsible for back in the 1980’s? it appears so!

George W. Bush, the worst US President ever (as far as i’m concerned) praised Mr Museveni for what he is doing for Ugandan’s, why? So that Mr Museveni would support his campaign on “Terror and Terrorism” against Saddam Hussain. Praised him for what? sending over 1 Million people into displacement camps? Leaving them with little, if any protection against the rebels they were supposedly “protecting” them from? Allowing the LRA to pillage, rape, abduct and destroy the lives of so many in Northern Uganda and since then, DRC and CAR as well as Southern Sudan!

Shame on you Mr Bush, your words ensured this guys ego swelled to the size of an elephant that he decided to change laws to initially keep himself as president until he was the age of 75 (or similar from what i’ve read).

I truly feel for the Ugandan’s as i see through their history they  have been dealt the “raw end of  the stick” so many times with Amin, Obote, Museveni, Kony and that is to just mention a few!

Mr Museveni, when 90-95% of the citizens of your country have access to electricity and clean water, then can you say that “development” is  “higher household income”

Rebecca Fowler

(*Freeuganda) – All opinions expressed on this blog are that of my own opinion and do not express those opinions of any corporations or non profits that i may belong to.

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