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Today i’m feeling really overwhelmed for some unknown reason.  I have alot of thoughts and plans going through my head, but where to start is always the question.  I find i do my best work at night when no one else is awake as i lay in bed for hours just going over things in my head. Drives me mad that my memory sometimes gets the better of me and i forget what i thought about, but it returns, eventually.

On Saturday the 20th March i had a girly night out with some old friends and some new friends.  We had booked to do a Ghost Tour at Picton (NSW, Australia) and i had an amazing night.  I am a believer of the supernatural (in some forms of course!) and due to living in a haunted house when i was a child have i had personal experiences of it. The Picton Tunnel is an infamous site where many people have seen strange things, i now, included.

The night was warm, slight warm breeze, clear skies and all the stars were out to greet us. The weather could not have been any better for the night. The moon was a waning crescent moon and it had an aura about it, a look that made me believe that we would be blessed with spirits among us. I prayed to the lord that he keep us safe on our trip and that we only meet with good spirits that night.

Capturing Orbs and strange images in windows etc on our camera’s we were highly charged to get to the tunnel, the highlight of the journey as it is deemed the most spiritual place. Even our tour guide had left there running on occasions due to the high activity.

Approaching the tunnel we were required to use our torch’s as this is now no longer accessible to the general public and a guard (nicely dressed in his shorts n tee!) greeted us at the entrance trail.  My sister-in-law Mel had come with me on the trip and was happily snapping away on her digital camera in the area and here are some of those pictures.

What are these orbs? (Pictures are in order as taken on camera.)

See the Orbs? When we took these pictures, the air was clear, no dust particles in the air, the night was clear as described as above and none of us could see any of these orbs by eye sight.

As we got to the tunnel, we walked in only a few feet to where we were told to stop. People started shining the torches down the tunnel and taking happy snaps also. We then all turned off our torches and camera’s and stood there in total darkness. And there she was, supposedly the spirit of Emily, a woman in her 50’s who had been hit by a train in this tunnel.  Three massive flashes of light came before someone squealed and i said “im outta here” and walked out of the tunnel to regain my composure. within 10 seconds i was back in the tunnel and the light was there, at a distance, but there you could see this dim light moving, there is no explanation for this light as the tunnel is 50 ft long and there are no lights or holes within the tunnel (it is abandoned now).

Slowly the light started to move closer and then the temperature dropped, a few of us game enough to, stretched out our arms as far as we could and the drop in temp could be felt even more. The light came so close as though you could touch it, the air felt strange, you couldn’t grab anything, yet it felt really thick. I could hear someone talking to Emily and thanking her for visiting with us. by this time i had moved closer to the walls of the tunnel and could see the light coming down the walls to near where i was. i quickly moved and surrounded myself with other women, i don’t like being at the “back of the pack” so to speak!

After around 10 or so mins of standing in the darkness we all proceeded to take more photo’s outside the tunnel and these are below.

The night was amazing, after the tunnel we went to another church and graveyard, this was where Emily was buried and her tombstone and family plot lay. My sister captured these 4 photographs within 10 seconds of each other and was standing on her own.

Picture 1                                                           Picture 2

Picture 3                                                               Picture 4

We cannot explain the mist on the 3rd photograph as no one was near Mel and no one was smoking where she was either. She said as everyone was walking way to the next port of call (another grave site) she noticed something out of the corner of her eye and as she turned she started taking photographs, those were the 4 above. When she then viewed them straight away, she noticed the mist, she immediately turned around to see if anyone else was near or smoking and the air was clear with no one nearby.

This has only confirmed to me that these things do exist, why? i don’t know. How? I have no idea of that either, but throughout my life i have seen, felt and heard things that are unexplainable, out of the ordinary, and downright scary.

I do suggest keep an open mind and watch out for the “annoyed residents” who do not agree with the tours. The tours are however, legitimate and legal and all done with council approval etc. Check them out here!

Is that a “face of mist” in the second upstairs window? * What is that in the 3rd second story window (right hand) when these pics were taken both windows were completely black with no lights on behind them.