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11th January, 2011

Late yesterday afternoon, the situation in QLD and Norther NSW worsened.  A torrent of water raged through the town of Toowoomba and headed down the mountain to the Lockyer Valley. Flash Flooding, extreme devastation, 8 confirmed dead of which 4 are children and up to if not more than, 72 people are reported missing.

This torrent came without warning in Toowoomba at around 2.30pm on Monday Afternoon QLD East Coast time. Here are a few video’s from Toowoomba.

Currently the towns of Ipswitch, Caboolture and Strathpine are being evacuated. Plenty of more towns are still affected.

This is a major tradgety unfolding in my country and having family who are stuck in qld trying to get home to sydney and family who live in qld it is very scary for us who can just do nothing more than watch the news.

Please pray for an ease to our disaster.