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At 7am, Friday the 21st October, 2011 the Occupy Melbourne Protesters were issued with an eviction order to remove themselves from Melbourne’s City Square by 9am or risk forced eviction by Victorian Police. A cyclone fence was then erected by council around the protesters to ensure no one could enter or leave.

Occupy Melbourne protesters determined to have their voices heard decided to defy the public eviction order and stand firm in their grounds for Protesting against Corporate Greed, among other things. A tense stand off between police and activist then ensued. Arousing public solidarity, hundreds of local citizens began surrounding the Victorian Police.  In Solidarity and some in curiosity, the bystanders were witnesses to the horrific brutality by the Victorian Police Dept.

Protester dragged by the Hair by Victorian Police Force at Occupy Melbourne Protests. Photograph via @timemanuelle (Twitter)

By midday, activists were being dragged away by police using excessive force. Activists were also taunted by police whilst being arrested, with reports of police making derogatory comments to activist and trying to initiate a violent reaction by protesters. Mounted Units and Dog Units were also called to the scene.  A person was trampled by a mounted officer and another was punched in the face. Numerous accounts of excessive police force have been recorded and uploaded to Youtube.

Protester washes mace from eyes with Mylanta. Photograph taken by @Asher_Wolf

Throughout the afternoon the protesters were pushed back from City Square by mounted forces and riot police to where they currently occupy, Trades Hall Building. The trades building has given the Occupy Movement permission to stay on the premises for the evening. The trades building is currently surrounded by Police and will be throughout the night.

Some protesters were held and released without charge but given and “Move On” Order that basically does not allow them to enter back into the CBD Area (certain blocks) until a future date. If they are arrested within that area, they will be charged. Information received shows these orders are governed by the Summary Offences and Control of Weapons Acts Amendment (SOCW). FOr more information Click Here to read the contradiction in Human Rights and this Act.

Occupy Melbourne are organizing a rally to take place on Saturday 22nd October, and i suggest anyone who cares about our country and the way it is headed (and the world) then you should take part in having your voice heard. Check out @OccupyMelbourne @OccupySydney @OccupyBrisbane @OccupyPerth for more information on how you can get involved. or just head down to the Occupied areas!

If the Local and Federal Governments think that this is just going to “Go Away” then they are wrong. We have had enough of being silenced. Of seeing the injustice and having nothing done by our electorates about it.  Australia is just as effected by the current global conditions as any other country. Our dollar is bouncing, Super is being wiped off our investments, people are losing jobs, food prices are skyrocketing, our agricultural land is being sold off to the highest mining bidder, what more do Aussies need to get  motivated? How about good ol’ Julia’s Lies or Abbotts lack of giving any clear policy on anything but “Narua!”

Write to your local MP, Harass them via Email, Twitter, Phone, Personal Appointments, tell them NO to Corporate Greed and Yes to Human Need. We need to start putting purpose and people Before Profits!

The Government of Australia has alot to answer for. It is the year 2011. The year the 99% rose up and took back the power from the 1%. No wonder they are fighting so hard to silence us.

#WeAreThe99Percent #OccupySydney #OccupyMelbourne #OccupyArrests #Freedom #NoCorporateGreed

More Video Here

I will be following the cause closely. I have taken part in Occupy Sydney last weekend and hope to be back there this weekend sometime.