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As i was going through my twitter timeline today, i came across a retweet with a link to this blog RUSH OF SUN

If you read anything today, i suggest you read this.

One woman’s view on how her dignity and right to make decision for her own person has been taken away. A very powerful insight as to how (I’m sure) alot of fellow occupiers feel.

“How scared are the banks and our government that this this response has been ‘ordered’? ” Quote from Rush of Sun.

What is the Robin Hood Tax you ask? Check out this video!

Robin Hood – Takes from the rich, and gives to the needy.

I happened to be watching 4 corners last night on ABC and after that was Media Watch. I had never seen media watch before and thought that i would check it out. I am so glad i did!

Watch Media Watch Video debunking Today Tonights Story.

I didn’t personally watch the Today Tonight story on Refugee’s and Asylum Seekers as i knew immediately from the commercials it would be wrong. How do i know this? Well i volunteer my free time with NGO’s that directly help asylum seekers such as the Edmund Rice Social Justice Centre.

Upon watching the Media Watch program and having all of Today Tonight’s dirty little secrets exposed, i was disgusted. I will NEVER again watch Today Tonight as how can i believe their stories? This one fear mongering and incorrect story has lost them all credibility with me and i hope so with thousands of other Aussies as well.

I Just hope that more Aussies take the time out to watch this and bombard Today Tonight for a Public Apology and to sack the journalist who is fear mongering the australian public!