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Last week Tuesday, like usual in the morning rush of getting 3 kids and myself ready for school I check the recess snacks box and as every Tuesday before, empty.

As usual, my first stop at the school is the canteen on a Tuesday morn to purchase a pkt of chips for the kids for recess. I usually only give my kids plain salted, but on a Tuesday, they get to pick. This day was the same as always, well at least I thought.

After picking their chips I told the lady what I wanted. It was then in her reply a wave of shock hit me. Did I just hear her correctly? I cannot purchase chips in the morning to place in my kids bag for recess? “sorry” I responded rather confused.

“I can’t sell you chips, you need to order them and the kids will come and collect them” she said. Well I responded with my usual, consider the teacher has almost 30 kids in her class the chances of her remembering what child has a recess order is quite minimal ( basing this on the fact that a: this teacher I’m referring to is the stage 2 coordinator so is removed from class, alot & b: it took this teacher & a few TAs 5 days to hand out my daughters cupcakes for her birthday!!

The lady advised me that due to new P&C rules enforced by P&C parents (who do not utilize the canteen), state in order to stop kids eating chips in the morning no one can buy them. Please, she implored, complain about it to the office. So I left it at that, and made a beeline for the office.

When I asked the office staff what legislative power the P&C had to inforce this fascist order against the sale of chips, she was quite adamant in the stance it was to stop kids eating chips before school. My response; considering 70% have them in their bag already, I see no point banning parents from purchasing and placing in bags, but fully agree that children should not eat or buy them in the morn. I advised this lady about the cupcake incident and told her that I wanted the principal to do something about it or I would.

A week later I had heard nothing, and had in the process boycotted the canteen. I was about to call the school, when suddenly hubby piped up out of no where and stated ” oh babe, the canteen lady said this morning thank your wife for me, because of her I don’t have to insult parents and tell them they can’t buy chips.

A smile came over my face. It made me feel proud. That I, me, just 1 person had the guts to say something and be adamant that as an adult I would not have another adult take away my freedom to buy a packet of bloody chips.

The task was small, the purpose seems meek over a packet of chips, but the point is; if you don’t speak up when you see someone’s rights be denied, nothing will ever change. “someone else will do it” never works, cuz what happens when all those someone else are gone, who is the someone else to fight for you then?

Stand up, be heard, you are more powerful than you believe.


Vaccines, Autism and the Thimerosal Scandal

Browsing online tonight i was looking into some things when i came across a website about vaccines and the Autism Link and had a quick look. This lead me to a video of Robert F Kennedy Jnr Speaking about thimerosal and the link to Autism. I decided to have a quick look at his website, and found some relevant readings he had posted.

ThimerosalScandalFINAL is a downloadable PDF that i downloaded, read and decided to link people to.  I think that every parent with a child on the Autism Spectrum, with Autism, or any other behavioural issue to read this and his further relevant documents regarding this issue.

I urge parents to research for themselves what INDEPENDENT scientists who are not paid government staff or contacts (or funded by government) have to say on this issue.

Anyways, a long day ahead of me tomorrow but i wanted to get this file out there and back in the public scene as its got some good credible info.


Note: This information booklet (PDF) is shared under the Fair Use Policy and is freely obtained at its original posting site by Robert F Kennedy Jnr, Free of Charge. No money will be received by the sharing of this information.