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Paul Joseph Watson
Sunday, August 5, 2012
UPDATE: A separate source has corroborated the other eyewitness claim – a family member whose parents were victims of the shooting said his parents told him there were “multiple shooters” involved in a “coordinated” attack.

An eyewitness to the Sikh temple shooting in Wisconsin says that a team of four men dressed in black carried out the massacre, contradicting the official narrative that a lone gunman was the culprit.

Just like the ‘Batman’ massacre, after which eyewitnesses clearly stated that James Holmes had an accomplice, today’s tragedy in Oak Creek is already throwing up questions that may suggest a wider plot.
Speaking with the Associated Press, an eyewitness stated, “Between ten and ten-thirty, four white males who were dressed darkly, dressed in all black clothing, came in and opened fire on our congregation.”
With the federal government already labeling the shootings a “domestic terror incident,” the narrative is already being manufactured to blame the tragedy on conservatives and libertarians, as well as demonizing the second amendment.
President Barack Obama is already positioning himself to politically exploit the incident. Top Democratic strategists have previously welcomed the prospect of domestic terror incidents as a means of boosting Obama’s poll numbers and helping him re-connect with the American people.

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The Extinction Protocol

August 4, 2012 ITALY – Across the bay of Naples from Pompeii, where thousands were incinerated by Mount Vesuvius in 79 AD, lies a hidden ‘super volcano’ that could kill millions in a catastrophe many times worse, scientists say. The boiling mud and sulphurous steam holes of the area west of Naples known as the Campi Flegrei or Phlegraean Fields, from the Greek word for burning, are a major tourist attraction. But the zone of intense seismic activity, which the ancients thought was the entrance to hell, also could pose a danger of global proportions with millions of people literally living on top of a potential future volcanic eruption. ‘These areas can give rise to the only eruptions that can have global catastrophic effects comparable to major meteorite impacts,’ said Giuseppe De Natale, head of a project to drill deep under the earth to monitor the molten ‘caldera.’…

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The Extinction Protocol

August 4, 2012HEALTHWith 16 new human cases in the last three weeks — 12 in the last week alone — an outbreak of a variant strain of swine flu is giving CDC officials the jitters. What worries officials is that the new flu, officially called variant type A H3N2or H3N2v, carries the M gene from the human H1N1 pandemic flu bug. This gene makes it easier for flu bugs to infect humans and spread among them. The first human case was detected in July 2011. Since then there have been 29 reported cases, although more cases likely have gone unreported. “Since the fall of 2011 there has been a big increase in these types of infections,” Joseph Bresee, MD, of the CDC’s Influenza Division, said at a news conference held to announce the new cases. “All 29 cases have had H3N2v with the M…

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Another case of “Western Oil Democracy” being imposed on the long suffering Sudanese people and the new nation of South Sudan may be a step closer to being resolved.  

After Arduous Negotiations, Khartoum and Juba Agree on Oil Transit Fees

Khartoum – Sudan and South Sudan delegations to Addis Ababa negotiations have reached a complete agreement, under the auspices of the AUHIP, on the issue of oil and transit fees, says statement issued by Sudan’s negotiating team.

The statement added that the agreement includes two parts: one part provides for a 3-year interim period and the second part deals with oil transit fees.

The delegation expressed hope that the agreement would pave the way for a comprehensive settlement of the remaining issues.

The statement pointed out that the figures published by newspapers regarding transit fees are inaccurate.

The delegations wrapped up a difficult round of talks that continued for…

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The Extinction Protocol

August 5, 2012NEW ZEALAND –A steam plume has been visible at the White Island crater today. Earlier this week GNS Science issued a volcanic alert for White Island, which is off the coast of the Bay of Plenty, due to signs of increased activity. According to GNS, although more volcanic activity has been recorded, ‘everything seems to be relatively stable.’ Volcanologists have recorded a rapid rise in White Island’s crater lake, a pulse of volcanic tremor and slightly higher gas levels in the plume. “Although the volcanic tremor increased substantially during Saturday it has returned to levels similar to those during the early part of last week,” GNS said. The white steam plume can sometimes be seen from areas of the Bay of Plenty coast. On Thursday, GNS Science duty volcanologist Michael Rosenberg said its crater lake has started to re-fill and gases were now ‘vigorously…

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The Extinction Protocol

August 5, 2012LOUISIANAFor more than two months, officials from federal to local have been unable to pin down the source of a natural gas leak and tremors in assumption parish. But on Thursday a 200 by 200 foot “slurry area” has appeared in bayou corne in northern assumption parish…The formation of the slurry area was accompanied by a diesel-like odor that some residents said burned their eyes and noses but dissipated by midmorning Friday…Assumption parish officials declared an emergency and called for an evacuation of residents living near the nearly 1-acre muddy site. A potential failure of a cavern operated by Texas brine company may have caused the slurry area, or sinkhole, which swallowed full-grown trees and denuded a formerly forested patch of cypress swamp. Final determination of a positive link between the failure of the cavern and either the natural gas bubbling or the slurry…

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