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Was watching the news this evening and this report came on. decided its in the public interest to record and share considering most Australian Media are not reporting the correct/full or any reports of foreign rebels, especially British!

SBS Australia World News – 8th August 2012


Note: This information is posted under the Copyright “fair use policy”. This information is provided free of charge and no monetary gains will be made by the sharing of this information. it is my belief that this information is important to the Global community. Original source identified and stated.

So as alot of people don’t believe that Al Qaida and other militant groups have infiltrated Syria, here is but one report from a “considered” MSM.

al-Qaida fighters infiltrate Syria

At least 262 al-Qaida militants are now operating in the border area between Turkey and Syria and rebels say another group of fighters are living in a tented camp just outside Aleppo, Syria’s largest city. NBC’s Richard Engel reports.

Watch the full VIDEO REPORT here


More Links to information about terrorists in Syria.  I urge you all to do YOUR OWN HOMEWORK. Main Stream Media are Capitalist Corporations and are heavily Censored!


Syrian Community of Sydney, Pro Assad Rally – No Main Stream Australian Media showed this on the news.

Syria Pro Assad Rally – International Media Report (Not aired in Australia only via internet)

UN refuses to condemn the abduction of Iranian Pilgrims in Syria (Western Media changed the stories and said they were Iranian Terrorists or they just ignored the subject all together.

Syria: Journalist kidnapped said all his captors “terrorist group” were foreign and not syrian.

These are just a few examples that i have had time to blog.

All i can say is research things for yourself and always QUESTION EVERYTHING even National Geographic Channel uses that as its slogan!

The Extinction Protocol

August 8, 2012 CALIFORNIARichmond residents this morning woke up to the lingering smell of burnt oil from Chevron’s Richmond Refinery, which caught fire last night following a leak. Firefighters and engineers at the plant put the main fire out early this morning, and Chevron reported that its engineers were monitoring a controlled burn as a safety measure to contain pressure. Hundreds of Richmond residents have reported suffering from a variety of respiratory problems following the fire that gutted part of Chevron’s Richmond Refinery Monday night, according to a press release circulated by Doctors Medical Center in San Pablo. The center, which activated its Incident Command Center shortly after the fire erupted in Chevron’s diesel refinery, admitted 181 residents overnight complaining of eye irritation and respiratory ailments after inhaling smoke from the fire. “Now that people are waking up, DMC is currently experiencing a second wave of individuals…

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The Extinction Protocol

August 7, 2012CALIFORNIAOfficials fearing toxic smoke told residents to remain indoors late Monday as a fire at a Chevron refinery released black plumes over the plant in the San Francisco Bay Area. The fire broke out at 6:15 p.m., with flames visible at the top of two refinery stacks. Thick black smoke spewed from the Richmond plant, covering the city and San Pablo, about 10 miles northeast of San Francisco. The fire was contained by 10:30 p.m., but it was not known when the flames would be extinguished, said Chevron spokeswoman Heather Kulp. Smoke continued to pour from the facility late Monday. The blaze started at the refinery’s No. 4 Crude Unit after an inspection crew discovered a diesel leak in a line in the unit, Nigel Hearne, manager of the refinery, told The San Francisco Chronicle. Shortly after the crew evacuated the area, the diesel…

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Silver Lining

by Ismail Salami – Tehran, source

In continuation of the US-led illegal sanctions on the Islamic Republic of Iran, Congress passed on Wednesday night a bill, which imposes more embargoes on the country including those on the parent companies of foreign subsidiaries violating sanctions as well adding penalties for those that help Iran’s petroleum, petrochemical, insurance, shipping and financial sectors.

Immediately, US Congressman Ron Paul expressed his vociferous opposition to the new sanctions and vilified them as “an act of war”, saying that the US is marching into war with Iran.

Paul said, “There is no evidence that Iran has ever enriched uranium above 20 percent.” He also said the IAEA and CIA have determined that the Iran is not on the verge of building a nuclear weapon. “What we continue to be doing is obsess with Iran and the idea that Iran is a threat to our national security.”

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The Extinction Protocol

August 7, 2012NEW ZEALANDAsh from New Zealand’s Mount Tongariro covers houses and farmland in this still image taken from video, August 7. A New Zealand volcano dormant for more than a century has spewed boulders and spread an ash cloud over the center of the country, disrupting air traffic but causing no other damage or injuries. A volcano quiet for more than a century erupted in a New Zealand national park, spreading thick ash for several miles and causing some residents to evacuate their homes. Some domestic flights were canceled Tuesday. Mount Tongariro spewed ash and rocks for about 30 minutes late Monday night after a few weeks of increased seismic activity. It didn’t cause any injuries or damage in the sparsely populated central North Island region. Tongariro National Park has three active volcanos, is a popular tourist destination and was the backdrop for many scenes…

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The Extinction Protocol

August 7, 2012ITALYStrombolian activity continues at varying levels. Following a phase of weak activity during 4-6 Aug, an increase of activity was observed at the Bocca Nuova during the night 6-7 Aug. Also in Italy, the activity at Stromboli (Eolian Islands) has been at relatively high levels over the past days. The number and size of explosions from the summit vents has increased. Popocatépetl in Mexico: About 1 explosion occurs per hour, and strong glow is visible at night. A relatively powerful eruption late on 6 Aug sent ash to up to 30,000 ft (10 km) altitude.–Volcano Discovery

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The Extinction Protocol

August 7, 2012PHILIPPINESShanghai and the nearby coastal province Zhejiang have evacuated 456,000 people as China prepares for its third typhoon in less than a week. The emergency measures were taken after Typhoon Haikui turned Manila, the Philippines capital into “Waterworld,” killing 50 people. The typhoon is expected to make landfall in Zhejiang province, just south of Shanghai, late Tuesday or early Wednesday, the China Meteorological Administration said. Shanghai officials fear the storm could be the worst since 2005, when Typhoon Matsa killed seven people in the city, state media said. The city aimed to move 200,000 people to more than a hundred shelters by Tuesday evening; government officials were quoted as saying. The Shanghai government ordered outdoor construction sites shut down and cancelled summer classes for children until the typhoon had eased. Authorities in Zhejiang were also rushing to get people out the path…

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