al-Qaida fighters infiltrate Syria – Terrorists are Foreign

Posted: August 8, 2012 in Iran, Middle East, Russia, Syria, USA, Video
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So as alot of people don’t believe that Al Qaida and other militant groups have infiltrated Syria, here is but one report from a “considered” MSM.

al-Qaida fighters infiltrate Syria

At least 262 al-Qaida militants are now operating in the border area between Turkey and Syria and rebels say another group of fighters are living in a tented camp just outside Aleppo, Syria’s largest city. NBC’s Richard Engel reports.

Watch the full VIDEO REPORT here


More Links to information about terrorists in Syria.  I urge you all to do YOUR OWN HOMEWORK. Main Stream Media are Capitalist Corporations and are heavily Censored!


Syrian Community of Sydney, Pro Assad Rally – No Main Stream Australian Media showed this on the news.

Syria Pro Assad Rally – International Media Report (Not aired in Australia only via internet)

UN refuses to condemn the abduction of Iranian Pilgrims in Syria (Western Media changed the stories and said they were Iranian Terrorists or they just ignored the subject all together.

Syria: Journalist kidnapped said all his captors “terrorist group” were foreign and not syrian.

These are just a few examples that i have had time to blog.

All i can say is research things for yourself and always QUESTION EVERYTHING even National Geographic Channel uses that as its slogan!

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