ALERT Crust Destabilization Happening NOW?? 8.08.2012 [video]

Posted: August 9, 2012 in News, USA, Video, Western Censored News
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August 8, 2012

61% of people believe an event will happen soon, only 15% are prepared for it.

Tracks are shifting, sinkholes, sand geysers, bride collapses, gas releases…we have had NUMEROUS reports of high radiation levels in many cities over the past week…remember prior to the Japan earthquake huge quantities of radon gas were released from fault zones.

MIT article here:…

How close do you live to a nuke plant:

It appears our crust is destabilizing…please post any videos or links to sinkholes, train derailments, or other anomalies that I may have missed.

Google Map of events:

Washington State:…

Sand Geyser/New Madrid Interview:





Monmouth Beach, New Jersey:…

Cherry Hill, New Jersey:


Santa Barbara, CA:


St. Lawrence derailment:…

Raliegh, WV:…



Florida again, a few…

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