Christians In Syria Persecuted By NATO-supported Terrorists

Posted: August 13, 2012 in Emergencies, Human Rights, Middle East, News, Syria, Western Censored News
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Mystery Worshiper's Blog

In US and Canada, Christians remain unaware of the current persecution of Christians in Syria. But wait a minute. It’s not what you might think.

The persecution is not by the Assad regime, it is led by the US-backed rebels and NATO war criminals. For a clearer picture of the Christian persecution, and how it is never reported by CNN or Fox News, or other mainstream media, go to Richard Edmondson’s blog and read what he has to say.

If you are a Christian, Richard’s account of Christian persecution will increase your righteous indignation. In his article, witness a so-called journalist, a media scoundrel who won’t face the camera, accusing a brave nun of lying. Also witness the total silence of Zionist ‘Christians’ like the ‘Rev.’ John Hagee who prays for war, supports political assassinations, genocide, and the racist State of Israel.

Syria is a secular state and Christians support…

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