CIA insider tells 911 truth. Time to re-examine your World-view, America!

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Hidden Agendas

Published on Mar 28, 2012 by WelcomeBackHome


The evidence has grown. It would be impossible for Boeing “heavy” 767s, to be flown by guys that couldn’t even fly a Cessna 172. The Boeing 767 would come apart at 520 knots at sea level. Professional 767/757 Pilots can not replicate the flights into the towers in simulators after many attempts. Watch “Psychologists help explain trauma of worldview change/shock. Learn how to cope” video on this channel. Thanks to Xendrius for the excellent production. Copyright 2012 (Used with permission)

The MSM has been providing us with a false Nine 0ne 0ne NARRATIVE. Truth will lead to healing, but we’ve got to start dealing.

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