Conspiracy Files: 9/11 – The Third Tower (complete)

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Hidden Agendas

Uploaded by buddhaglass on Apr 23, 2011

September 11 2001 Twin Towers – the collapse of the Third Tower…

The Conspiracy Files delves into the final mystery of 9/11: a third tower at the World Trade Centre, which along with the Twin Towers, also collapsed that day.


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  1. Abandon TV says:

    “,,,,,which along with the Twin Towers, also collapsed that day.”

    Sorry to be pedantic but neither WTC 1, 2 or 7 collapsed. Had they collapsed (either due to fires or controlled demolition) they would have hit the ground with a thud and left a big pile of debris. But neither of those things happened.

    The seismic signals which were recorded did not register two 500,000 ton towers and one 230,000 ton tower hitting the ground. In fact WTC7’s seismic signal is barely detectable from background noise and only equivalent to a three story building collapsing (not a 47 story tower). The Twin Towers’ seismic signals were about equivalent to a 20 story building hitting the ground. According to those signals (which is hard evidence) about 90 stories of each tower never hit the ground, at least not hard enough to register a seismic signal anyway (CLUE: dust does not usually make a thud when it hits the ground).

    Also any kind of collapse (whether by CD or fire) would have left a large rubble pile. But that didn’t happen either. Please watch this short clip and notice the picture of the ambulance parked at street level outside WTC1 (pic was taken on afternoon of 9/11). The ambulance is not buried, nor is it even dented! The rubble ‘pile’ can be seen to be less than the height of the lobby!

    We also know that 14 people survived in Stairwell B at the base of WTC1 (the stump visible just behind where the ambulance is parked). So we know for sure that 500,000 tons of debris did not plunge into the basements or else these people would have been squished and shredded to bits. But they were not squished. In fact many of them crawled out by themselves! At first they assumed they had been buried under 110 floors’ worth of rubble and that they would be dead by the time rescuers got to them, but after the dust cleared the sun shone in from a hole above their heads and they could see blue sky above them.

    Even not counting the rest of the tower, the WTC core alone contained 11 miles of thick steel box columns (plus all the lift shafts, horizontal beams, drywall, concrete etc). Where did it all go?

    The answer is staring us all in the face. The majority of the WTC complex was turned to dust in mid air. Just watch this slow motion clip of WTC1 coming apart. Follow the outer steel sections as they fall through the air. Notice how they are all pumping out huge quantities of thick dust in their wake. They are acting like fizzy tablets which have been dropped into a glass of water. This explains the huge quantities of dust produced which turned day into night and covered all of lower Manhattan, the shocking lack of debris, the lack of seismic signal and hundreds of other pieces of hard evidence.

    Put simply, the towers were dustified.

    • Yep I do agree. They were dustified for sure. Was not by any means a collapse due to the planes. Building 7 was a clear “take down”. Strategic and perfect controlled demolition, much as with 1&2. Always knew things didn’t add up.! Thanks for the comment 🙂

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