Brazilian Native’s Manifest against new government law which exploits their land without their consent

Posted: September 2, 2012 in Environment, Human Rights, News
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Groups of the seven races of Tocantins and Goias require immediate repeal of a rule that takes away the rights of the indigenous peoples over their lands and will deliver the manifesto on Wednesday to the Advocate General of the Union.

Indigenous communities again mobilize against Ordinance 303, AGU (Attorney General’s Office), which prohibits the expansion of ILs (Indigenous) and allows deployment works in these areas without consulting the people affected.

About 40 indigenous ethnic groups of seven of Tocantins and Goias, staged a protest outside the headquarters of the AGU in the early afternoon yesterday in Brasilia, and managed to meet with the deputy attorney general, Luiz Fernando Faria Albuquerque.

The group demanded the repeal of the ordinance and wanted to be heard by the Solicitor General, Luís Inácio Lucena Adams, to deliver a manifesto against the norm (see text below). Adams was in a meeting at Planalto. The…

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