Syria: British Foreign Secretary accused of misleading the UN

Posted: September 24, 2012 in News, Syria, Western Censored News
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Silver Lining

by David Haplin, source

Distinguished retired UK orthopaedic and trauma surgeon, David Halpin knows something about successive British governments’ Middle East duplicities.

After British Foreign Secretary William Hague presented another breathtaking  litany of distortions and untruths at the United Nations regarding Syria, Halpin laid them out for his MP, Melvin “Mel” Stride, representing the Conservative government for Central Devon, demanding answers from Mr Hague’s Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO.).
– Felicity Arbuthnot


I have just read a transcript of Mr Hague’s speech at the UN.

It is fair to say that every sentence is a lie or a distortion.  A few examples of many:-

“We have not turned the desire for peace …”   – Nothing could be further from the truth.  HMG has provided funds, communication equipment and political support to a ragtag of armed bands.  To that they have added sanctions, which are of dubious legality.

“… and the creation of refugees…

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