Angry Yemeni civilians call on US to stop drone attacks

Posted: November 2, 2012 in Middle East, News
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Silver Lining

Press TV

US assassination drone strikes have rekindled anti-American sentiments in Yemen as the airborne attacks have mostly resulted in the death of civilians and escalated instability in the impoverished Arab nation, Press TV reports.

Yemenis are demanding that the government take action to halt the killing of civilians in air raids, which they say is a violation of their country’s independence and national sovereignty.

“We regard the use of US assassination drones as an intervention, which has killed innocent people. This is a violation of our independence and beliefs. The continued use of these drones will fuel only more anger,” a Yemeni man told Press TV on Thursday.

“The US deadly drones have hit everywhere in Yemen. Because of this aggression, all Yemenis are united under the fact that this is an aggression and violation of our basic rights,” another Yemeni man added.

Yemenis have held several anti-US protest…

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