Palestine: Gaza offensive death toll surpasses 70 & resistance reaches further, hits Israeli warship

Posted: November 19, 2012 in Human Rights, Middle East, News, Palestine
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Silver Lining

In photos: “Israel” relentlessly bombs Gaza, West Bank protests repressed (click)

Video: Massive explosion as Israeli bomb hits Gaza City residential area


Israeli attacks on Gaza death toll hits 70

Press TV

At least 70 people, including dozens of women and children have been killed by Israeli airstrikes against the besieged Gaza Strip since Wednesday.


Gaza Offensive Death Toll Surpasses 50

Al Manar

The death toll of the Brutal offensive the Zionist entity has been staging against Gaza strip since Wednesday reached 54 on the fifth day of the assault.

At least six Palestinians were martyred on Sunday, including a woman and three children, one of them aged year and a half.

Meanwhile, hundreds of Palestinians took part in funerals of martyrs, despite the continuous airstrikes on the strip.
Among the martyrs are fifteen children, four women and four elderly men, according to medical sources in Gaza.

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