Popular Nationalist Forum for Supporting Syria’s Steadfastness: The Enemies of Gaza and Syria are One and the Same

Posted: November 21, 2012 in Middle East, News, Palestine, Syria
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DAMASCUS, ( SANA) – The Popular Nationalist Forum for Supporting Syria’s Steadfastness stressed that those who target the resistant Gaza are Syria’s enemies themselves and that the allies of the Israeli entity and their friends among the Arab regimes are waging a ferocious war on Syria.

In a statement following its extraordinary meeting held in Damascus on Monday, the Forum greeted Syria’s leadership, army and people, hailing the sacrifices of the Syrian Arab Army in the face of all hostile schemes.

The statement asserted that the so-called ” Syrian opposition coalition” is a Zionist-US-Turkish- Arab scheme whose main goal is to continue aggression on Syrian, undermine it and destroy its infrastructure.

Representing all popular parties, unions and independent figures and associations, the Forum condemned the so-called “Syrian opposition coalition” as “terrorist and aggressive”, adding that it constitutes another form of killing of the Syrians, calling for foreign intervention and…

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