Reader Article: I don’t want to play Netanyahu’s game via Greekragnaroker

Posted: November 21, 2012 in Human Rights, Middle East, Palestine
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November, 15, 2012
Via: Greekragnaroker

Besides stating the obvious about an unfair war, and about the slaughter of the Palestinian people, I have to say that I don’t care that much this time about the attack in Gaza. I am quite certain that nothing can come out of it that could benefit neither the Israeli nor the Palestinian people.

There is absolutely no possibility that Israel would attempt to recapture Gaza. On the contrary, such conflicts only strengthen militants like Hamas. There is also no possibility that the Palestinians could gain something out of this conflict. Hamas’ blind rockets can never push Israel to a retreat, and definitely do not help them towards Israelis accepting a possible Independent Palestinian state.

The whole conflict looks like a political game by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. With this war “Bibi” is attempting to strengthen himself ahead of January’s elections in Israel, just like Ehud Olmert did in December 2008, before his scandals chocked him up.

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