SHOCKING VIDEO | Undercover live investigation: Abuse of Australian Cattle in Tnuva, Israel

Posted: December 15, 2012 in Australia, News
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Occupied Palestine | فلسطين

Australian cattle are again at the centre of a shocking expose that is making international headlines.

Frightened animals being bashed, hit, shocked with an electric prod in the eyes and face before suffering a terrifying death… these are the images filmed by Israeli journalist and undercover investigator, Ronen Bar. Watch his interview…

WARNING: contains some graphic images.

Bakar Tnuva is the largest slaughterhouse in Israel, and one of two abattoirs recently approved to take Australian animals under the government’s new live export regulations.

Video footage taken from September – October shows Australian cattle being punched, kicked and beaten — with the worst cruelty inflicted on ‘downer’ animals who could no longer move or stand up. Evidence documented shows one lame bull poked with an electrified prodder over 100 times — in his face, eyes, ears, anus and genitals — the entire time bellowing in pain and distress as he made…

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