Posted: December 21, 2012 in News

Occupied Palestine | فلسطين

“Settling” constitutes a warcime according to international law and ICC statute. Even under US’ own military legislations’
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Published on Dec 21, 2012

A prominent UN special Rapporteur says that both the US and UN would lose their credibility if they keep not being serious in defending Palestinians rights against illegal settlements.

Press TV has conducted an interview with Richard Falk, UN special Rapporteur from California to shed more light on the issue at hand.

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Settlements Snarl: ‘Israel gambles on US protection from intl law’


“States may not deport or transfer parts of their own civilian population into a territory they occupy.”


State practice establishes this rule as a norm of customary international law applicable in international armed conflicts.
International armed conflicts

The prohibition on deporting or transferring parts of a State’s own civilian…

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