Blogger James MacArthur Denied Bail, Facing Multiple Assault Charges for “Threatening” Tweets

Posted: January 2, 2013 in Human Rights, News, Western Censored News
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By JG Vibes
December 29, 2012

Blogger James MacArthur of the “Baltimore Spectator” has been denied bail again, and could now be facing new assault charges for tweets that he made which were allegedly “threatening to police”.  Apparently now tweeting can legally amount to assault.

All month has been doing a series of exclusive reports on the story of Frank James MacArthur, founder of the “Baltimore Spectator” activist blog and radio show.

After years of exposing crooked cops and politicians in his community, MacArthur became a target for police aggression, even more so recently because he was beginning to publicize information that would cost a few people high up in local government their jobs and reputations.

In early December, MacArthur was the victim of an elaborate kidnapping where dozens of armed SWAT team members were sent by the state to coax him out of his house and…

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