Posted: January 27, 2013 in News


Ryan Dawson
January 26, 2013

Why murdering people for the chosen race of god is racist and insane.

Honestly are people in shock that there were suicide bombings after Israel demolished cities, displaced millions and murdered thousands, built an apartheid wall, and creates currently standing racial colonies? What other reaction would you expect?

But see when you omit the fact that there is an occupation, then all the events seem confusing. No one is confused as to why American troops are attacked in Iraq. The US invaded based on faked evidence, and continues to stay based on fear mongering propaganda. But Imagine how insane it would be to claim that the US was in Iraq for “defense.” the difference is, the US is not colonizing Iraq, just stealing its resources. Israel goes a step further like the US days of killing Indians, and is ethically cleansing Palestine.

I made this…

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