Copy of letter sent by Syrian permanent representative to UN Security Council on Israeli strike – Al Jazeera Blogs

Posted: February 1, 2013 in Middle East, News, Syria, Western Censored News
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The letter dated 31 January 2013 from the Permanent Representative of the Syrian Arab Republic to the United Nations addressed to the Secretary-General and the President of the Security Council:


    On instructions from the Government of the Syrian Arab Republic, I should like to draw your attention to the following information:

    At dawn on Wednesday, 30 January 2013, Israeli aircraft violated the airspace of the Syrian Arab Republic, entering over the northern Jabal al-Shaykh (Mount Hermon) Heights at low altitude in order to avoid being detected by radar. The aircraft then proceeded to a scientific research centre located in Jamraya, Rif Dimashq, and bombarded it, killing two employees and injuring five others. The attack caused destruction and substantial material damage not only to the centre, but also to the adjacent technical development centre and a parking garage. The hostile aircraft withdrew following the same route. Syria emphasizes that there is no truth to the media reports asserting that the Israeli aircraft had targeted a convoy that was heading from Syria to Lebanon.

    This heinous Israeli aggression followed several failed attempts over a period of months by armed terrorist groups to enter and take control of the above-mentioned site, and after Israel, in cooperation with States hostile to the Syrian people, had ordered its lackeys inside the country to strike selected vital Syrian military sites. Although these lackeys, headed by the Al-Qaida-affiliated Nusrah Front, were able to attack some of those sites, including air defences and other vital sites, over the past months, they have failed to hit the majority of them.

Read the full report here via AlJazeera


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