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Silver Lining


by Michael Moore, Feb. 20, 2013

Last night was the Motion Picture Academy-sponsored dinner in Beverly Hills honoring the directors and producers of this year’s five nominated films for Best Documentary. The dinner was an occasional tradition my wife and I started six years ago when we took our fellow nominees (we were nominated for ‘Sicko’) out for a meal to get to know each other. The Academy liked the idea, so this year it is holding dinners during Oscar Week for each of the separate branches’ Oscar nominees.

Thus, last night, as an elected Governor of the Documentary Branch, I and my fellow Governors – Michael Apted and Rob Epstein – were co-hosting the nominee dinner for the documentary filmmakers. But one of the nominated directors was not there – Emad Burnat, the co-director of the Oscar-nominated ‘5 Broken Cameras.’ This exceptional, award-winning movie about how Emad’s village…

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earth change affirmations

DolphinsMegaPodSanDiego021613Dolphin “Super Mega-Pod”
in San Diego Waters February 14th.

“They were coming from all directions, you could see them
from as far as the eye can see. I’ve seen a lot of stuff out here, but this is the biggest I’ve ever seen, ever!”
– Capt. Joe Dutra, Hornblower Cruises LINK

Huge Gray Whale Pod Sighting May Be Record
Sunday, Feb 17 – What may be the largest gray whale pod seen locally in more than 30 years astonished even researchers who officially count the ocean giants, the American Cetacean Society reported late Sunday night. LINK

Feds Propose Rules Allowing Navy to Harm Whales, Dolphins More Than 30 Million Times in War Games
This release dated January 26, 2013, by the Center for Biological Research gives some credence to the idea that perhaps covert military tests were being performed on the same day of the asteroid fly-by and meteor events, using…

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Posted: February 22, 2013 in News

Posted: February 22, 2013 in News


At least 12 people have been killed and scores injured on Thursday in twin bombings that authorities believe may have been a terrorist attack in the southern Indian city of Hyderabad. There has been no official confirmation as to the nature of the blasts, but government officials have said they were carried out by a “well trained” group and were coordinated.

Local media are reporting that the blasts come two days after government security agencies sent an advisory to states to tighten security in light of potential threats from militant groups operating in the region related to the recent executions of convicted terrorists Ajmal Kasab and Mohammed Afzal Guru.

In tweets sent out after the attacks on Thursday evening, Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh appealed to the public to remain calm. “This is a dastardly attack, the guilty will not go unpunished,” he tweeted. The attack was the first major bombing in

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Posted: February 22, 2013 in News

read the last paragraph carefully. Notice the Operation had begun in October…this suggests that it was a “long” consideration period before France entered. Perhaps for this reason alone…


Beyond the reports of beatings, hand-choppings and other grim Shari’a punishments carried out in the ten months Islamists held the historic Malian city of Timbuktu, the fear that gripped many observers in the outside world was of what would happen to the contents of the city’s ancient libraries. As it was, an extremist, al-Qaeda-linked militia had already set about demolishing and desecrating many of Timbuktu’s UNESCO-recognized tombs of medieval saints—the puritanical brand of their faith was at odds with the syncretic, Sufi Islam that flourished in the Sahara at the apex of the Malian empire in the 14th and 15th centuries. The treasured libraries, whose manuscripts encompassed a vast eclectic realm of jurisprudence, astrology and other medieval African scholarship, were reportedly also in the line of fire.

But after a French-led offensive drove the Islamist militias out of Timbuktu and other northern Malian cities in January, it emerged that the…

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The Extinction Protocol

February 22, 2013SPACE– A colossal sunspot on the surface of the sun is large enough to swallow six Earths whole, and could trigger solar flares this week, NASA scientists say. The giant sunspot was captured on camera by NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory as it swelled to enormous proportions over the 48 hours spanning Tuesday and Wednesday (Feb. 19 and 20). SDO is one of several spacecraft that constantly monitor the sun’s space weather environment. “It has grown to over six Earth diameters across, but its full extent is hard to judge since the spot lies on a sphere, not a flat disk,” wrote NASA spokeswoman Karen Fox, of the agency’s Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Md., in an image description. The sunspot region is actually a collection of dark blemishes on the surface of the sun that evolved rapidly over the last two days. Sunspots form…

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1st March 2012:

Dr Lloyd-Smith is Senior Advisor to the National Toxics Network and an expert on the toxic risks of coal seam gas mining to human and animal health. In this presentation at the Lismore Community Information evening concerning CSG mining in the Northern Rivers, Dr Lloyd-Smith presents a detailed and devastating analysis of the poisonous effects of this destructive industry.

Tara Queensland
Effects of Coal Seam Gas on a local family.