Posted: March 22, 2013 in News

Caffeine Dreams | Liquor Schemes

This is the 2nd of fifteen articles in CDLS’ ‘Spotlight On…’ series

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Quick disclaimer here: I didn’t mean for this article to get as long as it did. It sort of ran away from me.

If you ask Colin, he will tell you that I have been dying to post an article on North Korea for weeks. Every week I’ll work on one and I’ll tell him that this is finally the week I’ll post it. I sit down and write a paragraph and then I scrap it. I hate every approach I have taken to write about this topic and nothing I write interests me.

When it comes to North Korea, people quickly tend to fall into two camps: first the North Korea is crazy and is a parody of a cartoon super villain threatening everybody with nuclear attacks, camp. And there is the camp that says…

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