Man Trying to Improve Worker Safety at Fish Plant ‘Intentionally’ Allowed to Die on Conveyer Belt, Lawsuit Alleges

Posted: April 10, 2013 in News

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A lawsuit filed in federal court alleges that a worker was intentionally left inside the machine that killed him.


Photo Credit: Compliance and Safety LLC/Wikimedia Commons

Did a fish processing plant intentionally leave a worker inside the conveyor that killed him? That’s what the mother of a man who tried to unionize the plant is alleging in federal court, according to a report in Courthouse News Service.

The mother, Cynthia Hebert, is suing Omega Protein, the processing plant, and ACE American Insurance Co. and ESIS Inc over the death of her son, Christopher Hebert. Hebert, 24, was killed by a machine at the Omega plant, a workplace in Mississippi that Hebert had said was unsafe. The family is seeking damages for wrongful death, among other charges.

The mother is claiming that the fish plant “engaged in intentional conduct…

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