25 more dead dolphins washed up over the weekend; Total now 164

Posted: August 21, 2013 in Environment, Miscellaneous, News
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Posted on: 6:15 pm, August 19, 2013, by Laurie Simmons, updated on: 09:06am, August 20, 2013


News story: VIDEO LINK
For weeks, Susan Barco and her team at the Virginia Aquarium have been trying to stay on top of the 6-7 dead dolphins washing up every day. Still, even they have a breaking point–and it came this weekend.

“It went crazy, we had 11 calls on Saturday, 14 on Sunday, and two of them were live animals,” said Barco. “We are having to put animals in freezers, and we are already having people come from outside to help with necropsies, because just picking up the animals is challenging us right now.”

25 were reported this weekend and three more on Monday which brings the total number of dead dolphins in Virginia to 164 for the year.

That’s 100 more than researchers see in a normal year.

“25 dolphins in…

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