WikiLeaks Bradley Manning’s Attorney Addresses Public

Posted: August 22, 2013 in Human Rights, News
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2012 The Awakening

Even tho this event was hosted in December 2012, it’s important that we keep Bradley Manning in our hearts and not let his memory fade after the recent guilty verdict. Until the time comes when these kangaroo court systems are dismantled so people like Bradly can find the path toward freedom and justice, we must continue to fight for his cause.  Remember, there are positive factions of the military that support Bradley and it is my belief that after the “event” his honor will be vindicated so that he may walk as a free man once again. Please share and remember to keep a place for Bradley’s freedom in your sacred heart space…mahalo!

Event hosted by the Bradley Manning Support Network in support of whistleblower Bradley Manning. Learn more and get involved at

Video taken on December 3, 2012 includes presentation by attorney David Coombs, with comments by Michael…

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