Governments from Around the World – Including Western, Islamic, Asian and African Nations – ADMIT They Carry Out False Flag Terror

Posted: July 8, 2014 in News

2012 The Awakening

Aloha my friends!

This article is simply a refresher for veterans of the Truther movement, but it’s really a lesson in state sponsored terrorism targeted for newly awakened readers who are just now waking-up to the truth.

Now here’s an interesting little fact: The word government in Latin: “govern” means to control and “ment” means the mind. Need I say anymore?

Mahalo {~A~}

Painting by Anthony Freda

Governments from Around the World Admit They Carry Out False Flag Terror

Governments from around the world admit they carry out false flag terror:

  • A major with the Nazi SS admitted at the Nuremberg trials that – under orders from the chief of the Gestapo – he and some other Nazi operatives faked attacks on their own people and resources which they blamed on the Poles, to justify the invasion of Poland. Nazi general Franz Halder…

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