Pregnant women will lose all support for 6 months under Abbott’s Cruel Budget

Posted: July 11, 2014 in Australia, News
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Apology Alliance Australia

Following is a response I got from  Terese Edwards,  Chief Executive Officer –  National Council of  Single Mothers & their Children – to my post re refugees so despairing of their situation they were asking for their unborn children to be later adopted to save them from living under such cruelty:

“I would also like to add my complete dismay that the Government has announced that young Australians without work and studying will have a 6 month wait before being eligible for any assistance (Newstart).  They will then encounter 6 months of income support & 6 months without (subject to passage of legislation).  This includes women who are pregnant (there is no exemption)”  

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What Terese Edwards is describing above is nothing less than the reintroduction of Forced Adoption.  During the 20th century so many single mothers were preyed upon and told they were unfit to rear…

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