Zionist Control of Palestine

Must Read: Yinon Plan – Download PDF here

Current Livestreams in Gaza #GazaUnderAttack

Harry Fear TV

Occupied Air Mirror of Gaza Livestream

RT.COM Livestream

The plight of Palestine is one that has raged on throughout history. To understand more, you should read  Yinon Plan

The indoctrination of Children – A short video to show the Extremism used by Israel and the indoctrination of children to fear Arabs. This video below is made by an Israeli Videographer.

Blood Diamonds


More videos and bottom of page. Below are a list of posts regarding Gaza, Palestine and issues in that region.

UN report: Gaza water would be unusable by 2016

Gaza to be ‘unlivable’ by 2020 unless immediate action taken – UN

Justice and accountability Israeli-style: 45 days for killing a mother and daughter in Gaza

#PalHunger | UFree calls for pressuring Israel to provide medical care for hunger strikers

How Palestinian Bloggers Cover Protests in Their Own Villages

Incarcerated inside “Israel”: Palestinians tortured, isolated

Palestine: Palestinians wounded in crack down on protesters & forces deployed in Al-Khalil

Palestine: Israeli attacks on civilians, demolitions & arrests

Fathi: The closure of Rafah crossing worsened the humanitarian situation in Gaza

Children are in the front line of “Israel’s” blockade of Gaza

Palestine: Prisoners tortured by permission of the Israeli judiciary, confiscated lands, demolition orders, clashes & aid ship to Gaza

Child born into a life of conflict in Gaza

Also See “Middle East Category, Western Censored Media & Human Rights and Palestine

US Cannot Accept Hamas as being voted in to control Palestine. This is Bush’s Response.


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