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We hear their cries,
their words and dreams,
Yet nothing changes,
Or so it seems.

The children are hurting
The mothers, they cry
There is no one nearby that can help
And they want to know why.

why are their cries silent
to the ears of the west
why do their dreams fade
when we can offer them the best.

the best hope for these children
it comes from you and me
so open up your wallets
and take the time to see.

the dreams of the silent children
who are suffering so bad
lets give them some comfort
and some things they never had.

like love, care and support
from a stranger they’ll never know
you may not believe it
but it can really help them grow.

to know someone they never met
cares and supports their choices
gives them something to inspire to
and makes them use their voices.

for far too long
they have sat silent
living with war, displacement and fear of abduction
in an area that is just so violent.

for the children of Uganda
life has been so unfair
so we all need to take a stand
and make sure that change comes there.

lets show them that we’re here for them
lets show them that we care
lets show them that the world is listening
and lets help end their despair.

I urge you to open your eyes
And see them through your heart
Donate some of your hard earned cash
And give these kids a head start.

COPYRIGHT 2009 R.A.Fowler

A poem i wrote dedicated to the Silent Children, for all of those who have been and still are silent, we hear you.

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Sydney Rescue Event