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Zimbabwe diamond mine abuses ‘continue’

Diamond miners in Zimbabwe

It is alleged widespread human rights abuses took place in Marange

A human rights group says it is concerned about “continuing abuses” at diamond mines in Zimbabwe.

This follows a last-minute decision by Zimbabwean authorities to halt a three-day sale of about 300,000 carats of rough diamonds.

Global Witness says some mines remain in the hands of the military despite an agreement with international monitors.

Insiders have told the BBC that the sale was only halted after “blood diamond” trade monitors intervened.

“We’re obviously pleased that this auction has been cancelled but overall we’re still concerned about the situation in the diamond fields in Marange,” Global Witness’ Anne Dunnebacke told the BBC Network Africa programme.

Senior Zimbabwe’s mines ministry official Thankful Musukutwa on Thursday told a news conference in Harare that the auction had been stopped because it had not been approved by the Kimberley Process (KP), set up to regulate the trade in “blood diamonds” – those mined in conflict zones.

“No export will take place prior to certification by the KP monitor,” he told reporters.

Some 80% of sales from the planned three-day auction would have gone to the Zimbabwe government, according to reports.

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Authorities in Iran have banned contact with more than 60 international organisations including the BBC.

Authorities in Iran intensified their campaign to blame the country’s political turmoil on foreigners today by banning contact with more than 60 international organisations.

The intelligence ministry said the blacklist included thinktanks, universities and broadcasting organisations identified as waging a “soft war” aimed at toppling Iran’s Islamic system.

It forbade Iranians from talking to or receiving aid from the proscribed organisations, including the BBC, which last year launched a Farsi satellite television channel, as well as two US government-funded outlets, Voice of America and Radio Farda, both of which broadcast in Farsi.

Also on the list were Wilton Park, a British group that organises foreign policy conferences, Yale University and leading American thinktanks, including the Brookings Institution and the George Soros Open Society Foundation.

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“Just another way of being able to control the public of a country, but for how long will it last.  From what i have read and seen on this situation i seem to think its going to be a very violent ending to this situation.  The government have to realize that no amount of force will stop these protesters. They want their vote, they want their rightful president and like any country who didn’t get what they believed as the “rightful” winner, they will repent.  I send my prayers to the Iranians and family’s of the innocent victims so far, such a terrible tragedy in the face of yet another tyrant.” Rebecca Fowler (freeuganda)