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Journal 17/01/2010

Posted: January 17, 2010 in Journals
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So its been quite a while since i’ve written a journal  entry, so i had a bit of time today so i thought i’d update.

Well its been a huge start to 2010 for me, i’m now at “at home” activist and mum! Actually feels nice after working for the last 2.5 years.  Still suffering the after effects of my surgery (medication and i arn’t agreeing!) so i resigned my job (after lots of contemplating) and finished up in December, 2009.

Christmas with my kids and family was great, as usual we were at my mums house celebrating and then off to her “ocean house” as the kids call it for some R&R (crappy weather kept us out of the ocean and the kids wern’t too happy).

2010 kicked off for me with a big “snore” hehehe. i was sleeping through it, not really one to celebrate as with the little one’s we don’t usually go party it up. The joys of parenthood!

So this year i’m going to be focusing on my health and doing some Volunteering as well as maybe a bit of study. I’ve got some exciting things planned to venture into this year and am looking forward to the direction my life is taking.

In the last few days i’ve been watching the reports regarding the Haiti Earthquake and it’s been such a sad time for the Hatians in the last few years my thoughts and prayers go out to them and all in Haiti right now.

I urge everyone to donate even just $1 to Compassion Australia Help Haiti Fund – “The organisation has committed 100 per cent of funds raised through the Haiti Earthquake Disaster Appeal to the people of Haiti. Compassion is not withholding ANY funds for administration purposes.”

You can watch a video message here, from the C.E.O of Compassion about the Haiti Earthquake.

I hope that you can all give a little to help alot of people in Haiti.


Rebecca (*Freeuganda)