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Whilst the UN releases this “Breaking News” us in reality have been reporting this for weeks. Lets now wait and see the Main Stream Media have to swallow pride and admit it too.


UN investigators confirmed that “foreign elements,” including jihadists, are operating in Syria. The independent panel also alleged that both the Syrian government and the rebels committed war crimes during the country’s ongoing conflict.

The independent investigations panel appointed by the UN’s Human Rights Council reported that some of the foreign elements joined rebel groups, while others acted independently. “Such elements tend to push anti-government fighters towards more radical positions,” the head of the panel warned.

The international community is unable to reach a consensus on solving the increasingly militarized conflict in Syria, which has raged for the past 18 months. The West and several Gulf nations are pushing for the removal of President Bashar al-Assad, while Russia and China argue that he should only step down if the Syrian people vote him out.

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