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Hidden Science of the Skies

Decided to blog this video. Im not blogging this as a 100% true fact, but i do believe that alot of the information in this video is credible. i have researched information on the Predictor (Mitchell) and have also been watching the activity of Volcano’s and Earthquakes lately in conjunction with Haarp and Chemtrails globally.

LA was rattled by 2 x 4.5 Mag earthquakes this week.

Geo-Engineering is a real term used in the Science world for the manipulation of the Atmosphere via Chemtrails and Haarp. Geo-Engineering can alter weather and manipulate it. Extreme storms such as Hurricane Katrina, Cyclone Yassi and more are believed to have been manipulated or possible even created by the haarp system. OTher extreme weather patterns also can be manipulated/created by the system.

US Patent Office holds patent for Haarp

Brisbane attacked by HAARP – August 2012

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