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1st March 2012:

Dr Lloyd-Smith is Senior Advisor to the National Toxics Network and an expert on the toxic risks of coal seam gas mining to human and animal health. In this presentation at the Lismore Community Information evening concerning CSG mining in the Northern Rivers, Dr Lloyd-Smith presents a detailed and devastating analysis of the poisonous effects of this destructive industry.

To Mr Barry O’Farrell

I am writing to you today to express my concern as a resident of NSW.  It has been bought to my attention that CSG exploration will commence in my local area of Blacktown. To be more specific, this CSG exploration is due to be placed near Prospect Reservoir, a major water catchment for Western Sydney.

This Sir, is Unacceptable. I draw your attention to the Report published in April 2011 by Dr Mirann Lloyd-Smith and Dr Rye Senjen of the National Toxics Network, titled, “Hydraulic Fracturing in Coal Seam Gas Mining; The Risks to Health, Communities, Environment and Climate”. I have attached a PDF of this report for your perusal to ensure you have the correct details of what CSG Mining actually does to local communities.

NTN-Fracking-Briefing-Paper-April-2011  (Downloadable Copy of report, PDF)

In this report, i draw your attention to: Page 1 of Report: Paragraphs 1-2

“The National Toxics Network (NTN) calls on federal and state governments to implement a moratorium on the use of drilling and fracturing chemicals (‘fracking chemicals’) used in the hydraulic drilling and fracturing of coal gas seams and gas shale extraction, until the fracking chemicals have been fully assessed for their health and environmental hazards by the industrial chemicals regulator, the National Industrial Chemical Notification and Assessment Scheme (NICNAS).”

“NTN’s review has found that only 2 out of the 23 most commonly used fracking chemicals in Australia have been assessed by NICNAS. Neither of these 2 chemicals were specifically assessed for their use in hydraulic drilling and fracking.

Page 2: Paragraph 5

“While the interest in CSG stems from its high content of methane, it can also contain carbon dioxide (CO2), and the amount of CO2 can vary dramatically. For instance, the Illawarra Coal Measures in NSW may even contain predominantly carbon dioxide.4 This raises critical questions about CSG and its validity as a ‘clean’ source of energy for the future.”

Page 4: Paragraph 1 –
Is CSG a Sustainable Source of Energy?
“The real environmental and social costs of CSG extraction have not been adequately assessed. According to a recent Cornell University assessment, “Natural gas obtained by the controversial technique of hydraulic fracturing may contribute significantly to greenhouse gas emissions and so should not be considered as a cleaner alternative to coal or oil.”14”

The list of Facts could go on, however i have attached the full report for your eyes and your files.

Hydraulic fracking explained in 2 Minutes: Please watch this video. a short 2 minute video that explains fracturing and the leaking of chemicals through rock and shale into water basins.

Mr O’Farrell your complete lack of regard for your constituents is quite hard to swallow. You have allowed CSG exploration to take place with No Community Consultation, coupled with the Propagandist advertisements on Television claiming that CSG is Environmentally Sustainable and Clean are without merit, a complete lie and an insult to my intelligence as an Educated citizen of Australia.

Your draconian draft guidelines on Windfarming are also hard to digest. Setting a limit of 35dBa in NSW whereas in Victoria, South Australia and NZ the limit is standard 40dBa, and in the USA and Netherlands its 50dBa. The new outdoor standard would be quieter than the noise level that would be experienced in a library.   Sir, i think you have a bit of a problem on your hand, i am of the opinion that you are biased to Wind Farms and in bed with the Mining Companies.

I call on the NSW Government to initiate IMMEDIATE Community Consultation in the Local Blacktown LGA and Surrounding Districts Both North, South, East & West of Prospect Reservoir and all area’s it feeds.

Mr O’Farrell may i remind you that as a Public Servant, you work for your citizens and constituents and not the Mining Corporations.

I look forward to your response on this matter.
-Signed by Me