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LNP MPs paid allowances in breach of legislation

State leader of Katter’s Australian Party, Ray Hopper, says that the LNP Government is paying some backbenchers $8,217 more than they are entitled to and is in breach of its own legislation determining the size of parliamentary committees.

Under the Parliament of Queensland Act 2001, if there are 14 non-government Members of Parliament then the seven parliamentary portfolio committees are supposed to have five government members. Currently there is an extra government member on each of these committees.

“The LNP Government is paying some backbenchers more than they are entitled to and is deliberately doing so to prevent further LNP unrest,” Mr Hopper said.

“This is a disgrace. This Christmas thousands of Queenslanders will be doing it tough after being sacked.”

“It is an insult to these hardworking Queenslanders that the government is paying its members more than they are entitled to.”

Read the full media release here

The Newman government’s cuts to the size of the public service have generated controversy. But what do the reductions look like visually?

Our interactive graphic, above, allows readers to see the shape and size of the public sector in June 2012 and compare it with the changes outlined in the September budget papers.

The departments are scaled to show their relative sizes. It’s clear that Queensland Health and the Department of Education, Training and Employment are the two biggest employers in the state’s public sector.

Select June 2012 to see the make-up of the public sector at the time of an audit by the Public Sector Commission and then toggle to September 2012 to see the shrinkage foreshadowed by the Newman government’s first state budget.

Hover over each department to see how many employees are expected to remain working there this financial year following the cuts. The red number in brackets indicates the exact number of full-time-equivalent staff set to receive redundancies, according to the budget papers.

Click below to view interactive map via Brisbane Times