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So last night i rushed my boyfriend up to the local hospital as he had been vomiting all day long and was in a whole load of pain in the stomach area due to the vomiting, cramping and such and has a history of a swollen pancreas.

We arrived there around 7ish by 7.30 he had bloods taken and had started vomiting again within the emergency dept (not wait room), they took him out of an observation room and placed him in a room full of Recliner chairs.  whilst in the room he was continuing to vomit and doubled over in pain, a nurse came to put the drip in his arm with some anti-vomiting agent, whilst she was there she said to him when he was cramping and trying to vomit, “oh don’t try and force yourself to vomit” between wretches he told her it was his body automatically doing it and he had no control to stop it, so she grabbed his shoulder and shoved him back into the chair, he said to her “hey i cant sit back my stomach is cramping it hurts” she continued to shove until he sat back so she could put the drip in, she couldnt just wait until he stopped wretching?  not long later he went to do his urine sample and started vomiting again in the bathroom, this time vomiting blood and having extreme crampin in the stomach area. i went over to the nurses station and tried to ask a question of the nurse and found 2 nurses standing around talking about mobile fone providers, i stood there waiting for a few mins and neither of them made any attempt to ask me if i needed help, i then saw a nurse walking around and asked her if they could get someone to help him and get him a bed as he was vomiting up blood and in severe pain, in reply she said “he has been seen by the nurse, we have done all we can he will have to wait his turn” so i replied “meanwhile, he rips the lining of his stomach whilst vomiting as there is nothing to vomit up.” at around 8pm i again asked them if they could find a bed for him as he was still in extreme pain and needed to lay down,  i had never seen him in such agony, he was crying in pain and on and off the chair and onto the floor as he needed to lay flat due to the cramping in the stomach and sitting up was putting strain on his stomach area.

By 9.20 he was still on and off the floor as he needed to lay down and i had seen enough of my boyfriend having to lay on a dirty hospital floor to gain some relief of his pain and discomfort, so i started to record him laying on the floor in the room and walked out of the room he was in to record the empty beds in the emergency bed area.  at first i had seen 6 empty beds, by the time i went with the video camera i could see and access 3 but had nurses watching me and couldnt get access to film the other empty beds, i was then followed by a nurse and told id have to wait in the waiting room, i said no im staying with my partner as he is sick and she again said no you will have to leave. i again repeated “im not leaving without my partner, he is sick and laying on the floor” she then states she will call security and have me removed from the hospital because i was filming people/ “i replied im not filming anybody….and then had to  stop recording:  My sentence ended “im not filming anybody im filming my partner and the empty beds to prove your treating him like an animal after our requests for a bed.

I stood and complained as to why i was being asked to leave and she said cuz i was filming in the hospital and this was not allowed. i stated there were no signs and i had no knowledge of this and that was not good enough, the security by this time had arrived and asked the nurse what she wanted, she told them i had to leave the hospital. so they evicted me from the hospital, in protest i tossed a foam cup of ice in the air and stormed out (security closely following me) letting ppl in emergency waiting area know they had a man on the floor in pain and refused to get him a bed when they had empties.

outside i was laughed at by staff and security and being so distressed i yelled at them for laughing, i had the security guards then cross the car drive area and threaten to have me arrested if i did not leave and i refused and said id call the police myself after he got up in my face whilst i was on the phone to my mother who was looking after both keith’s and my children (we have 2 together and 1 each from previous relationship)

i immediately called channel 10 and spoke with reporter Harry. i have sent them the video footage.

I then called the police and waited until after 11pm for them to arrive(outside in the car park), even the cop agreed with me and shared her personal experience of mistreatment of her father at blacktown hospital.  When she went in to deliver him his fone she said he was still in the same chair and no bed had been given to him.

After speaking with the police i headed home and emailed the footage to channel 10.

at 1.20am i called the hospital and found out he was still in the same chair and awaiting results of bloods they took at 8am.  He told me at 2am he was finally given a bed to lay down in and some pain medication and an injection that put him to sleep for a few hours. Upon awaking at 6am he was told he was being discharged. He got home at 8.50am this morning, still pale and pasty and not well, no energy, can barely walk etc with a letter saying he presented with Severe Pain, Vomiting etc.  They also noted that he denied any alcohol or drug abuse…are they insinuating that he is an addict or junkie? I had overheard all night nurses making statements about him and walking past him laying on the floor , they giggled and said things to the effect ” oh dont worry ive seen him here before like this…..” i couldnt clearly make out all of the rest of sentence but it wasnt nice .  From my opinion they labelled him a junkie as he has 2 broken and severely rotted teeth in the front of his mouth, yet if they check his medical records, he acutally presented at blacktown hospital with 2 broken teeth and a broken nose in the 90’s due to being hit in a bar fight!

Im so disgusted in the treatment of my partner and would appreciate any comments of your treatments at any hospitals within australia as im defianately taking this further.

At his request i have made the video a private only viewable file. I am keeping hold of this for further action. Thank you.

UPDATE:  He was discharged on Wednesday Morning with a letter stating he was in SEVERE Pain and vomiting. Denies any take away foods, alcohol or drug abuse. a copy of blood tests was enclosed and blood tests were all normal.  No Scanns or Ultrasounds were given to him at this time at blacktown hospital.  His first set of blood tests taken had been lost and they had to retake bloods, i am unsure of the time this was done as i was already evicted from the hospital and hnim was so overcome in pain and exhaustion had no idea as to what time after i left things happened, only that they advised him someone called at around 1.30am and 2pm he was given a bed to lay in and sometime (unsure of time) afterwards a shot in the bum to sleep with some pain killers. When he awoke around 6am they said they were discharging him as they could not find anything wrong….well no wonder when they dont do anything except a blood test, not everything comes up in a blood test!

UPDATE: he has heard nothing back from the head of hospital as at 30/11/09