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Ok so i was just generally browsing the web reading news items and i came upon this information. WOW what a bit of information, kinda makes me now understand why im sick when i eat certain foods, the crap they put in them that causes issues with our system is outrageous! I think ppl need to really consider looking into whats really in our products before we buy them, just like your shampoo, it could contain “whale oil”. – Rebecca Fowler (*Freeuganda)

Frito-Lay Study: Olestra Causes “Anal Oil Leakage”

In documents marked “Confidential and Proprietary,” Frito-Lay admits that olestra caused “anal oil leakage” in a study commissioned by the company. Olestra is the controversial non-caloric fat substitute marketed by Procter & Gamble.

Last April, Frito-Lay became the first company to market olestra-containing chips. It sold a line of “Max” potato chips and corn chips in three test markets. It is expected to begin a new test market in Indianapolis in several days.

The Frito-Lay report states: “The anal oil leakage symptoms were observed in this study (3 to 9% incidence range above background), as well as other changes in elimination. . . . Underwear spotting was statistically significant in one of two low level consumer groups at a 5% incidence above background.” Despite those problems, the authors of the report concluded that olestra-containing snacks “should have a high potential for acceptance in the marketplace.”

The Frito-Lay documents were obtained by the Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI), a nonprofit organization that has opposed the approval and use of olestra.

In addition to the “elimination changes,” Frito-Lay reported that people who consume 12 ounces or more of olestra chips a week “may experience a greater variety of gastrointestinal changes (up to a 7% incidence).” Twelve ounces is equivalent to six average 2-ounce servings of chips, according to U.S. Department of Agriculture data. Those higher-level consumers experienced diarrhea, cramps, loose stools, nausea, underwear spotting, and other symptoms. All of those symptoms have been reported by numerous consumers in the four test markets for Frito-Lay’s and Procter & Gamble’s olestra snacks. People who ate less olestra experienced certain symptoms, but at lower rates.

A confidential Frito-Lay memo dated August 4, 1995, expressed concern that people would be particularly aware of digestive problems the first few times they ate olestra snacks. “There is a potential for this phenomena to affect general product acceptance.” An August 12,

1995, confidential memo reported that the company had developed a “risk management plan. . . . to manage public perception of [olestra-]related digestion issues, and to effectively handle any real issues that might emerge through the [olestra] market introduction.”

The Frito-Lay report is significant because Procter & Gamble has argued strenuously that the additive does not cause “anal leakage.” The Food and Drug Administration agreed even though CSPI had provided statistical analyses indicating that anal leakage occurred in Procter & Gamble’s own controlled studies.

Read the full report via Frito-Lay Study: Olestra Causes “Anal Oil Leakage”.