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The government and opposition have rejected a bid to open the offshore detention centres on Nauru and Papua New Guinea for inspection by the Australia’s Human Rights Commissioner.They have also blocked an attempt to give the Australian media the same access to the centres it has to mainland and Christmas Island detention facilities.Labor Senator Kate Lundy told the Senate on Thursday that enshrining independent inspection rights in Australian law would undermine the independence and authority of sovereign nations. Read full report via

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by Felicity Arbuthnot
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January 11, 2013

“Disengage, avoid, and withhold support from whatever abuses, degrades and humiliates humanity.” (Alice Walker, b:1944)

The siege of Leningrad is still considered the most lethal siege in world history, a shocking “racially motivated starvation policy”, described as: “an integral part of Nazi policy in the Soviet Union during World War 11.”

The 872 day siege began on 8th September 1941 and was finally broken on 27th January 1944. It is described  as: “one of the longest and most destructive sieges in history and overwhelmingly the most costly in casualties.”

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Joe Wright
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In another blow to human rights, freedom, the law, and morality, the 7th Circuit Court has exonerated Donald Rumsfeld from prosecution for allegations of being a primary architect of U.S. torture policy.

At issue are two Americans, Donald Vance and Nathan Ertel, who worked for a private Iraqi security firm named Shield Group Security. Courthouse Newsreports the harrowing experience the two men encountered after attempting to blow the whistle to the U.S. government about their employer potentially being involved in illegal arms trades and bribery:

Shield became suspicious of Vance and Ertel in April 2006, confiscated their credentials and effectively trapped them in the firm’s compound. U.S. forces allegedly came to the compound and took the pair to the U.S. Embassy.

But Vance and Ertel say their rescue soon turned into a nightmare. According to their complaint, U.S. officials transported them to Camp Cropper, where…

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Groups of the seven races of Tocantins and Goias require immediate repeal of a rule that takes away the rights of the indigenous peoples over their lands and will deliver the manifesto on Wednesday to the Advocate General of the Union.

Indigenous communities again mobilize against Ordinance 303, AGU (Attorney General’s Office), which prohibits the expansion of ILs (Indigenous) and allows deployment works in these areas without consulting the people affected.

About 40 indigenous ethnic groups of seven of Tocantins and Goias, staged a protest outside the headquarters of the AGU in the early afternoon yesterday in Brasilia, and managed to meet with the deputy attorney general, Luiz Fernando Faria Albuquerque.

The group demanded the repeal of the ordinance and wanted to be heard by the Solicitor General, Luís Inácio Lucena Adams, to deliver a manifesto against the norm (see text below). Adams was in a meeting at Planalto. The…

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with Gareth Porter
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Dandelion Salad
Aug. 22, 2012

Aug 21, 2012 by TheRealNews

Gareth Porter: New investigative work shows that civilian deaths in Pakistan, including from second wave attacks, higher than Pentagon reports

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